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The Antiracist Book Club: Join us for a Town Hall Discussion

Jul 20, 2020



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Anna Ford

Dear Book Clubs, 


On July 28th at 6pm EST Bookclubz will hold a webinar town hall in support of antiracism education themed book clubs. Please join us! 

For the past several months we’ve witnessed hundreds of book clubs forming on our platform under the auspices of antiracism education. It’s been incredibly inspiring to see so many individuals coming together and committing themselves to increasing racial literacy through book club. 


In June, we read Tre Johnson’s piece in the Washington Post, When black people are in pain, white people just join book clubs. We recommend reading it. Admittedly, at first, we felt a little stung by the title. Our immediate reaction was a desire to defend book clubs and their inherent, well-intentioned “goodness.” Upon further reflection, we’ve realized that we can hold on to our optimism and belief that people coming together to read, grow, and initiate dialogue in earnest will lead to positive change. But, there is even more we can do as a community to ensure that discussion begets action.   


Tre generously took the time to speak with us and talk through our initial defensiveness. We had a very enlightening conversation about the ways book clubs can maximize their impact and embark on a journey of shared learning.

As such, we are kicking off a series of events and workshops for anti racism education themed book clubs, starting with a Town Hall on July 28th




Has your book club formed with a goal to learn, educate, activate and dismantle systemic racism? Please join us for a our town hall event and open discussion and Q&A with Tre Johnson!


Click here to register. Space is limited. 

Bookclubz Town Hall: July 28th 6pm EST