• How do members join the club?

    When you send people the unique invitation link and they click on it, they'll be shown an invitation screen to join your club. See who's joined your club on your club's profile page under member settings.

  • Can anyone join the club I've created?

    Only people you send the join link to can join your club.

  • How can I delete a meeting?

    If you've accidentally made an incorrect meeting, the easiest thing to do is to simply change it to the time/book/location you want. If you need to delete a meeting, email us at help@bookclubz.com and we'll take care of it for you. We don't want anyone to accidentally delete their club's meeting!

  • I accidentally created an extra club. How can I delete it?

    Email us at help@bookclubz.com and we'll take care of it for you. We don't want anyone accidentally deleting their entire book club :)!

  • How are book club meetings created?

    Any club member can create an event. Just enter the time, date, location, and choose a book. Additional notes are optional. Once the event has been created, all members will receive email notification.

  • What if event details need to change?

    The person who created the meeting or the club can update the time, date, location, or any part of a scheduled meeting. Decide whether to email the update to your club members by checking or unchecking the appropriate box.

  • Why aren't I receiving emails from Bookclubz?

    First, go to your Profile and check to see you're receiving messages. If you're not, click the appropriate button and you should start receiving them again. Otherwise, this often happens when someone marks one of our messages as spam. We take spam complaints very seriously and immediately unsubscribe anyone who flags our emails as spam from all future Bookclubz correspondence. The best way to avoid this is to not mark our messages as spam :). If you feel you're getting too many emails from Bookclubz, email us and let us know the email that you didn't want. If you aren't receiving email, please email us at help@bookclubz.com and we'll look into resolving the problem.

  • How can I change my name on Bookclubz?

    To edit your name, click the little pencil icon next to your name and enter your name on the "My Profile" section of the website.

  • How can I change my club's name?

    From your club's page, click on Edit Club Name. Then, click on the little pencil icon next to your club's name to edit it.

  • How should I rate the book?

    Rating the book is optional, but it helps you keep track of the books you really love! Rate books on the scale of 10 = best, 1 = worst. We'll track your individual ratings and your club's average ratings for each book.

  • Bookclubz is free to use, so how is the site funded?

    Bookclubz is free to use, and we intend to keep it that way. Bookclubz has an affiliate partnership with Amazon, which means that each time you purchase a book on Amazon from our site, we receive a very small percentage of the sale. We also created a fundraising page on Patreon, www.patreon.com/bookclubz, where clubs can make a one-time or recurring donation. This financial support will allow us respond to your requests more quickly and add new user-friendly features to the site.

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