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Frozen Harvest

By Joseph Benedict

Joel Vick, a Minneapolis detective, is down on his luck when he receives an opportunity in the form of a mysterious letter delivered to his office. The letter alludes to a 90-year-old missing person case that took place in the small northern Minnesota town of Seven Lakes. Joel, as a child, had spent numerous summers in Seven Lakes vacationing with his family. With a downturn in requests for his services and his natural curiosity aroused, Vick drives up to have a look at the town he hadn't visited in over 40 years. Initially frustrated that he had wasted his time after visiting the person who wrote the letter, Vick discovers something unusual that changes his mind about leaving. Digging further into the case, Vick stitches together a story of a beautiful young woman who is looking for a new start, but unable to escape her past. Set against the backdrop of severe winter snowstorms, extreme cold, and a robust ice harvesting industry that flourished in the decades before refrigeration rendered it obsolete, this is one read you won't be able to put down until the end.

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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

Why do you think Joel continued to pursue the truth behind Mary’s disappearance?
Mary found starting her new life in Seven Lakes harder than she could ever have imagined. What do you feel was the biggest impediment standing in her way? Why?
Mr. Williams desperately wanted someone to know the truth about what he witnessed the night Mary disappeared. Why do you think he never sent the letter after writing it ten years earlier?