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JANET DAILEY’s first book was published in 1976. Since then she has written more than 100 novels and become one of the top-selling female authors in the world, with 325 million copies of her books sold in nineteen languages in ninety-eight countries. She is known for her strong, decisive characters, her extraordinary ability to recreate a time and a place, and her unerring courage to confront important, controversial issues in her stories. To learn more about Janet Dailey and her novels, please visit or find her on Facebook at

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Janet Dailey’s iconic Calder Saga, a series revolving around a powerful 19th century Montana ranching family, has become synonymous with romance, adventure, and the epic mystique of the Old West. Now she invites readers on an exciting new spin-off beginning in the late-1800’s, as a cowboy named Joe Dollarhide sets out on one of the first cattle drives from Texas to Montana in hopes of claiming his own piece of the American frontier. With sweeping romance, suspenseful tension, and fascinating historical detail, Janet Dailey honors the true grit and pioneer spirit of the early cowboys and frontier settlers, bringing the open range to vivid life…
Ambition drove Joe Dollarhide across the parched plains from Fort Sam Houston to Dodge City.  One day, he was determined to have a spread every bit as vast and impressive as his employer’s. But when a wild stampede separates him from the cattle drive, it is survival that keeps him going when most would have given up.  Survival and a burning need to settle the score with Benteen Calder, the cattle boss he used to worship, the man who’d left him for dead.
Hope buoyed Sarah Foxworth when she had just five dollars to her name, traveling the dusty rails where Joe first rescued her from a violent attack, then won her heart as a cowboy in need of redemption.  With dreams of becoming a doctor herself one day, she uses all her wits to save her uncle’s medical practice and his reputation. But it’s her own reputation that suffers when she gives birth to an illegitimate baby.
Years later, when Sarah walks into Joe’s world once more, he’s shaken to the core.  Her dreams of becoming a doctor are dashed; her only hope is to find a better life for herself and her son—a child there’s no denying is his own. Now a prosperous rancher, Joe yearns to finally make a home with Sarah and their boy. Only Joe’s own road to riches has been strewn with obstacles, some looming even larger than the demons he still struggles against. But life has also shown Joe that nothing worth having ever comes easy. And that Sarah is a woman worth fighting for…


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This novel explores the sheer grit of the men and women who settled the West, who competed for a piece of the open range, and the fascinating history of America's westward expansion. Did you learn anything new about life on the American frontier while reading this story? Did any of the historical details surprise you?

Early in this novel, Joe Dollarhide, a young cowboy on his first cattle drive is separated from the group and injured. Has there ever been a time when you lost your way and were separated from someone or something you cared about? How did you find your way back?

Joe has a ruthless work ethic. Do you have a goal you want to accomplish this year? Do you have any special tricks or tips that help keep you motivated and on track? What’s been your favorite accomplishment in your life thus far?


Calder Brand: A Beautifully Written Historical Romance Saga (The Calder Brand)

“Dailey highlights the brutal reality of survival in the American West while building a sprawling, emotional love story for Joe and Sarah.” – Publishers Weekly on Calder Brand