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How to Find your Book Club Groove: Part Two

Dec 22, 2020



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Olivia Markowski

Welcome to part two of our “how to book club” better series! Our last segment was on how to start a book club, so if you are finding it hard to begin, be sure to go and check out “Part One”. In this next segment we will be going over how to keep your club running smoothly and create a fun environment. A lot of book clubs can start out successful, but start to lose steam as time goes on and people’s lives become busy. Here are our tips on how to find your book club groove, keep things interesting and keep members engaged!


Keep the momentum rolling 


Even the bubbliest group can fall flat when meeting times aren’t clear and next book picks are left up in the air. While details like these may seem small, they are crucial to your book club’s success and so you have to designate some time to getting these worked out.  Luckily, we have tech features built into the app to make these mundane parts of book club easier. 


For starters, we have a polling tool in order to pinpoint what meeting dates work best for all of your members’ busy schedules. You can also use the polling feature to allow for all members to share their input on the next book choice. This way you can see what dates will allow for the most turnout and what books are the group’s favorites. We also have time zone options for meetings that leave more time for the readers that like to take their time. Plus, If you’re worried about meetings being forgotten, you can integrate meetings into your online calendar automatically next time you schedule a meeting and even send reminders to members about upcoming meetings. 


Start Sharing! 


I’m sure you are wondering what your fellow members read on their own time. With the app you can change your personal settings to show your reading lists and recommendations with other members. You can also include your rating of different books, so you can share opinions of different books and have a clearer idea of what kind of books your fellow members enjoy. You can also send messages within your book club’s page, so if you find anything that you think your other members may be interested in you can easily share through the app 


 Make it Fun and Be True to What Feels Right


Even if your book club is having to resort back to virtual meetings because of the pandemic, there arel many ways to still have a good time while staying within social distancing guidelines. Why not get festive and make each member don their favorite character’s outfit, or you could put your mixology skills to the test and make a cocktail inspired by the book. Maybe organize a book swap, where each member anonymously sends another member a book and then at the next meeting you try to guess who sent which book. 


Another way to create a fun environment is to not only discuss books, but shows and podcasts that are also relevant. I don’t know about you, but after quarantining I need some new binge worthy content. Ultimately, it is important to remember that at the end of the day your book club doesn’t have to be all business all the time. It’s okay to veer off subject or have silly themes! The best way to ensure a successful book club is to make sure everyone is enjoying the meetings!