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The Bitchographies: Random Commentaries About Life, Love, and Knockoff Christian Louboutins

By Vivienne Vuitton

Take a step into the world of Vivienne Vuitton. She, along with her friends and acquaintances—all newly single—have a lot to say these days.


Tired of following life’s ever-so-complicated script of relationships dos and don’ts, corporate etiquette, and everything in between, Vivienne bares it all in relatable and hilariously unfiltered vignettes. Nothing is off-limits, from dating disasters, divorces, botched Botox, calculating colleagues, terrible bosses, fake friends, and so much more! 


Please make no mistake—this book isn’t intended to change the world or win a Pulitzer. Hell, it isn’t even politically correct! So, buckle up for a sassy journey into petty indifferences and quirky insights. The Bitchographies is a reminder that it’s alright to vent and even bitch on occasion, use your outside voice, be the most fabulous YOU that you can be, and unapologetically live your label.

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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

There is a theme throughout the book that focuses on the removal and elimination of many social constructs that go hand in hand with being a woman in the modern world. Which of these constructs do you most often encounter, either firsthand or through the experiences of friends and family members? How do you navigate them in your daily life, or support the women you’re closest to as they do the same?
In her book, Vivienne and her newly single friends are utterly disenchanted with dating, thanks to the debacles they face after breakups or divorces. Can you relate to any of their plights? How so? And, how did you handle any similar experiences?
Vivienne broaches the subject of being “plastically perfect,” and in her opinion, it’s okay to inject, nip and tuck as long as you are careful in choosing your surgeon or injector. She also says it’s okay if you decide not to enhance yourself this way. How does that resonate with you? Have you ever faced scrutiny for engaging in similar procedures, or perhaps considered them and worried about the ramifications, physical or social?