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We all have dreams and sometimes they lead to the most amazing discoveries . . .


Rose Maning longs to wake up every morning in Florence, Italy, to a view of the Duomo and terra cotta rooftops dancing in the sunrise.  So she flies across the pond with her best friend, Zoey for a fun-filled house hunt. For the first time in her people pleasing life, schoolteacher Rose uses her savings to do exactly what she wants to do: buy an apartment and pursue painting. 


Rose is passionate about the life and works of the great sculptor, Michelangelo or “Il Divino,” (The Divine One).  She experiences her own personal renaissance abroad as she embraces everything Italian. She meets Lyon, who is sophisticated and adventurous, challenging her to see herself in a new light.  A mysterious discovery changes Rose’s destiny by revealing the character of the men in her life. Does Rose find something that will alter art history as we know it today?


This discussion guide and recommended reading is shared and sponsored in partnership with Kathleen Reid.


Have you ever visited Italy? If so, what is your favorite memory?

What is your favorite work of art? Why?

Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Do you think one’s faith should inspire artwork?


Sunrise in Florence

“Sunrise in Florence is a tonic for any reader who loves Italy, fine art and adventure. When Rose, a practical art history professor, decides to paint instead of teach,her world opens up, and with it her past, the revelation of a secret, the return of her first love and the complications that arise when a woman has the courage to change her life and choose happiness.  All this and Bella Firenze too.  Brava Kathleen Reid!” - Adriana Trigiani Author of Tony’s Wife


“Bravo! The vivid descriptions of Renaissance art, artists, Italian culture and architectural sites are highlights of the novel.  Insights that Reid provides into the artistic process and use of conservation techniques are an added bonus for fans of art historical fiction.” - Lee Bagby Ceperich Director, Library and Special Collections, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts