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This is a true, inspirational story about a young girl's journey to health and happiness.

At the age of eighteen, just before graduating from high school, the unimaginable nightmare began. After a car accident threw her thirty feet into a carpool lane on the Corona Freeway, she slipped into a coma and awoke days later with the mindset of an average five-year-old. Her severe traumatic brain injury forced her to rebuild her mind. With love all around her, resilience in her blood, and a strong will to live, her brain and body would have to learn to adapt to a new way of living. She would go through numerous bizarre mental stages, but endurance, patience and time was on her side for a decade and beyond.

Join Rosemary on this amazing journey as she captures each moment, emotion and experience, and learns just how powerful and incredible the mind really is. Sometimes, it takes living through tortuous times to one day find true enlightenment.


Have you ever wondered about the deep and meaningful secrets about why we are all here on Earth? Do you tend to go with the flow, or are you someone who actively engages in self-discovery? Did you find that this book encouraged you to dig deeper into yourself and your life's purpose?

When you look back at your life and any pain and suffering you had to endure, what would you say are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from those hard times? Were you ever able to turn negative experiences into something positive, like Rosemary did after her accident? If not, could you start allowing those positive adjustments to take place as soon as today?

A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that happen simply by chance. Psychologist Carl Jung, however, coined the term "synchronicity," which refers to a “meaningful coincidence,” or something that just happens not by chance, but in direct relation to the observer’s mind. Synchronicity is when an event in the outside world coincides with a psychological state of mind, providing powerful insight and universal guidance. In the chapter “Learning and Evolving,” Rosemary began experiencing synchronicity more and more. As she became more aware of her emotions, thoughts and feelings, she began to realize that the outside world was constantly responding to them. Have you ever noticed that when you go with the flow, you experience more synchronicities? And have you been able to distinguish the significant difference between a “coincidence” and a “synchronicity” yet?