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In post-Katrina New Orleans, a single mother jeopardizes the safety of her friends and family as she fights crooked businessmen, her corrupt law firm, and a white supremacist group in a collision of race and greed. A chance discovery sets into motion events that will forever change the face of New Orleans and the lives of those fighting in the eye of the storm for freedom and equality.

Even the best intentions, though, can reap unintended consequences, and Prudence Jean-Batiste has learned this lesson the hard way. She should have left well enough alone. Now, no one is safe.

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Do you think Conery’s descriptions of real places and colloquialisms emblematic of Louisiana and Mississippi add to the richness of the story, or detract from its readability? Why?

Prudence is a private and fiercely independent soul. Given the adversity she faced throughout her life, do you think she waited too long to seek help when she discovered Project Azalea? When she finally did reach out to others, did she choose the right people? If not, who do you think she should have chosen instead?

Unlike Prudence, Theo’s hesitancy to seek help stems from his own insecurities. How might things have changed within the different storylines if he was more open with his feelings?