Use these discussion questions to guide your next meeting.


Within each of us exists a reservoir of untapped potential; some might call it the soul, others might say it
is a doorway to magic. To discover what is true about ourselves, we often have to take a quest and
undergo initiations that test us to the core. Today, we need tales of empowered women, and Nimue:
Freeing Merlin is the story of a heroines quest to find the Grail. The tale stays true to Nimue’s
adventures in Arthurian legend but is updated for todays readers.

Nina is a seventeen-year-old girl who, at the beginning of the book, is living with her mother in modern
day Manhattan. They decide to spend the summer in London, and believing she is a normal person just
like any other, Nina has no idea what awaits her in Britain. In this visionary novel, a young modern-day
woman named Nina realizes that she was a Mage (or Enchantress) in a previous life. She was, in myth,
the one responsible for sealing Merlin up in a tree until the hour of his return. Now, she is the only one
who can find him. Traveling back in time to 5th Century Ynys Witrin, she discovers more than she ever
imagined possible.


Why do you think that Nimue struggles when she divides herself?

What do you think about the Celtic idea of rebirth?

What is the difference between a dream, a visualization and reality?