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Good Lookin': A Joe Turner Mystery

By T L Bequette

From the gang-ravaged streets of inner-city Oakland to the rolling hills of Berkeley, California, attorney Joe Turner defends the most hardened criminals. Confronted with an unlikely murderer in a modern-day whodunnit, Turner's latest case seems impossible to unravel. At its heart is a decade-old murder and a tangled web of family, loyalty, and devotion that has the trial hanging in the balance. Viewed through the prism of the unique bond of twins, Good Lookin' asks how far each of us will go to protect the ones we love.

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Discussion Questions

Use these discussion questions to guide your next book club meeting.

Identical twins Jesse and Damon Wendell were raised together until one of them was incarcerated. Gang member Darnell Moore's brother is bound for a prestigious prep school. Make your case for "nature vs. nurture" with respect to these two sets of siblings.
If you had been a juror in the trial, how might you have judged the credibility of Jesse Wendell's testimony? Explain your reasoning.
The book attempts to entertain with a snarky protagonist and a love interest. It also probes some serious social issues and explores the depths of human emotions. Do you think it is possible for a book to accomplish both? How do you think this book has succeeded and/or fallen short?