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As a struggling twenty-four-year-old tennis professional, Sydney Livingstone has never had a game to die for. But all that is set to change during a tournament that serves as a precursor for the prestigious US Open. Someone from her past with a secret vendetta is trying to kill her before she can make a name for herself in the world of tennis. A bold threat scrawled on her car, followed by a mysterious delivery from a stranger, set the stage for a wild ride of revenge and murder that will leave you wondering if you can truly trust those around you.

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Sydney and Enzo have a rather odd hobby that is totally consensual. How did that affect your perception of each character?

Sydney lost her brother early in life. The tragedy deeply affected the family and was partially responsible for her parents’ divorce. Do you feel that Sydney’s mother ever fully recovered from the incident? Does the death of a child permanently alter the relationship between parents and the surviving children?

Sydney’s friend Milena asked Syd to provide a urine sample in an attempt to pass a drug test that she knew she would fail. What would you have done in that situation? Would you do something illegal to help a friend in peril?