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Everyone Knows You Go Home is Bookclubz' Book of the Month.

Use these discussion questions to guide your next meeting.


A new novel about immigration and the depths to which one Mexican American family will go for forgiveness and redemption. The first time Isabel meets her father-in-law, Omar, he’s already dead—an apparition appearing uninvited on her wedding day. Her husband, Martin, still unforgiving for having been abandoned by his father years ago, confesses that he never knew the old man had died. So Omar asks Isabel for the impossible: persuade Omar’s family—especially his wife, Elda—to let him redeem himself.


Omar, being a spirit, is caught in in-between spaces. What are other in-between spaces that characters like Elda, Isabel, Martin, and Eduardo navigate in their own lives? What about you?

Everyone Knows You Go Home has often been called timely because it deals with immigration, something that the author often pushes against by saying that immigrant narratives are timeless, not timely. Are there any chapters or scenes in the book that seem to exemplify this perspective?

Were there any humorous or everyday moments in the book that resonated with you? Why?