Use these discussion questions to guide your next meeting.


Camino Rios loves the water, her tía, her island, and spending every summer with her papi

when he visits her in the Dominican Republic. Yahaira Rios lives in New York City and idolizes

her father but has recently had a hard time looking him in the face. When they both receive

the news that their father’s plane has crashed, they know that their lives will never be the same.

Just like that, these two girls are thrown into a reality where their father is dead and it seems

their dreams are quickly slipping away. How do you cope with losing the father you love while

reckoning with the secrets he kept from you? What will it mean to be a sister to someone

you’ve never met? And what will Camino and Yahaira do to keep their dreams alive?



The author writes the first part of the book switching between the sisters’ points of view in each chapter. In the last section of the book, however, their perspectives are combined, and we often have to figure out who is speaking by context clues. Why do you think the author chose to structure the book in this way? How does your understanding of the sisters change when you start seeing them through each other’s perspective?

Camino and Yahaira both have complicated feelings about suddenly having a sibling. What are some examples of their conflicting feelings in the text? How do these feelings change over time?

Both Camino and Yahaira have close, trusting relationships with other female friends, family, and/or girlfriends. What are some moments in the book where women show up, protect, and care for one another? How do Camino and Yahaira define sisterhood? How do these views change throughout the book? What is sisterhood to you?