The Family Tree

Summary: Timely and profoundly important, The Family Tree is a moving and unflinching debut novel which explores how global events trickle down into communities, and how a single action can change the lives of everyone we love irrevocably and painfully. Amjad never imagined he’d be a single father. But, when tragedy strikes, he must step up for his two children – while his world falls apart. Saahil dreams of providing for his dad and little sister. But his life is about to take an unexpected turn. The baby of the family, Zahra, is shielded from the worst the world has to offer. But, as she grows up, she wonders if she can rely on anyone but herself. There’s no such thing as an easy journey. But when life sends the family in different directions, will they take their own paths – or find their way back to each other?

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