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Using an Online Organizational Tool for your Book Club

May 21, 2019



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Anna Ford

Why Online Organizational Tools are Helpful for Book Clubs


Have you ever hosted a book club event that was poorly attended? You read the book, cooked a meal, prepared discussion questions - and no one showed up? Have months gone by with no book club meeting because of calendaring difficulties? Have you read a book that your entire club found terrible? If you can relate to these maddening scenarios, you are not alone. Organizational snafus can take the fun out of book club. Poor organization can cause a book club meeting to flop or a club to fizzle.


Fear not, there are ways to overcome the challenges of book club planning. Online tools to the rescue! Bookclubz' website can help with organizational tasks such as inviting new members, scheduling meetings, and choosing books. These tools can take the stress out of running or belonging to a book club.


Book clubs come in all shapes and sizes: library-based, neighborhood-focused, city-wide, amongst friends, genre-specific, social, literary, intellectual, in-person, virtual, etc. It doesn’t matter what type of book club you are in; all book clubs have organizational needs. Management will be key to your club’s success.


The Benefits of a Well-Organized Book Club


When your club utilizes an online management tool like Bookclubz you’ll spend less time dealing with unruly email chains, coordinating events, herding members, and tracking books. Meeting attendance will improve and communication will be smoother. Since sound organization can take the strain out of managing a book club, it affords members more time to focus on reading, which in turn enhances book club discussions. Using an online tool can also help also you start a book club, especially if the logistics of forming a book club seem daunting.


Bookclubz provides a platform not just for basic planning but also for the sharing of ideas, perspectives, reviews, book recommendations, photos, and even recipes. The reason we joined book club in the first place!


Book Club, Meet Bookclubz


Bookclubz is an easy-to-use online tool that can help you organize your book club. Unlike facebook groups or meet-ups, Bookclubz was designed specifically by and for book clubs. The site helps you manage your book club members, schedule meetings, track RSVPs, send messages, rate books, keep a library of books your club has read, and create a list of books your club would like to read. You can also see what’s trending across other book clubs as inspiration for your next book club read.


The mission of Bookclubz is simple, help book clubs get organized so that they can stay together.


How Bookclubz Can Make Club Management a Breeze


The first step is creating your book club page on You will then be given a unique invitation link to send to your members, inviting them to join your club’s private page.


When a meeting is scheduled, members will receive an email notification, making it easier to get on everyone’s calendar. When a club member creates an upcoming meeting, they also have the option to designate a host to take responsibility for coordinating event details or leading the discussion. As meetings are edited (things come up!) or messages are posted, members will automatically receive reminder notifications via email. After a meeting, each member is prompted to rate the book. (Rating the book is also great fodder for discussion!)