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The Stars are Aligned: Book Recommendations based on your Zodiac Sign!

Apr 02, 2021



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Olivia Markowski


Geminis are curious, quick-witted and easily bored in nature, which is why they need a book that appeals to their ever-changing preferences and witty disposition. Normal People is the perfect title for our intellectually curious Gemini friends. It is a story of love full of banter — without lacking intensity. This book is a page-turner and it’s easily digestible in one sitting (another reason to love it: so you can move on to your next book)!


Scorpios are brave, intuitive and imaginative in nature. They are also well known for having a dark sense of humor, so what better to appeal to this than a satire? Cat’s Cradle is the book for Scorpios! This apocalyptic tale will take you on a humorous ride, and leave you laughing in self-defense as it explains the planet’s ultimate fate.


Virgos are logical and pragmatic in their approach to life. They strive for perfection and are very keen on details. Who is Maud Dixon? has Virgo written all over it! It is a sharp and witty thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Perfect for the Virgos out there who consider themselves self-proclaimed investigators.


Pisces are very empathetic and show traits of compassion and thoughtfulness. The book for this passionate water sign is Giovanni’s Room. This story investigates the human heart and the complexities of love in a moving way that will be sure to tug at your heart strings. This book follows a young man who is exploring less conventional relationships and is dealing with the conflict of bisexuality in the time period of the 1950s.


For the free-spirited Aquarius, independence, originality, and surprise are the hallmarks of your unconventional character...and Little Fires Everywhere is the perfect book for you. It will leave you breathless and engrossed in a family drama that is the perfect example of why following the status quo isn’t always the best plan of action. A perfect match for the unpredictable Aquarius.


Cancers are highly intuitive and are very good at reading the energies. They are loyal, relationship-oriented and have a great amount of emotional depth in nature. Our pick for your next read? The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, which outlines how to shed old habits that are no longer serving you, and instead learn the things in life that are important to care about. Ultimately, this is a no BS guide about how to find happiness despite what is going on around you.


Aries are courageous, determined and confident. Where’d You Go, Bernadette is the perfect book for you. This book is everything from sad, adventurous dark and heart-warming with a  comedic twist. It is sure to keep you on your toes, and you will be finished with the book before you know it!


Leos love their drama, but they also are loyal, ambitious, creative and passionate. This is why All the Light We Cannot see is the book for them. This book is filled with life lessons and heartfelt moments that will not let you down!


Libras are idealistic, social and clever beings. They love aesthetically beautiful and poetic things, and they seek out things they find alluring and  that align to their interests. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a historical fiction that depicts the intricate love life of the hollywood star Evelyn Hugo. This book is so cinematic and anything but boring: perfect for a Libra! 



Sagittarius love their freedom and can be described as optimistic, intellectual, spontaneous and fun. On The Road by Jack Kerouac perfectly appeals to their adventurous spirit. This book takes you through the author’s travels throughout his life, with elements of everything from jazz, poetry and drug use. This book is an adventure just to read! 



A Taurus can be defined as practical, reliable and stable. Educated is the perfect book for a Taurus. The book is based on a woman who grows up in a survivalist family, and as a result never received a traditional education. Once she leaves the family, she goes on her quest to achieve a PhD. This book is all about working hard for your goals, and persevering through uncontrollable circumstances. Perfect for this grounded Earth sign who isn’t afraid of a little hard work to achieve the ultimate goal.


Persistent, sensitive, disciplined and determined are all ways to describe a Capricorn. The classics are perfectly sensible for a Capricorn, which is why the book for you is Pride and Prejudice. The true classic belongs on every bookshelf, and Austen’s memorable characters will leave a lasting impression.