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New Tech Features on Bookclubz

Aug 18, 2020



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Nancy Brown

This summer hasn’t been a typical summer but there are some silver linings. One positive development to come from social distancing has been the opportunity to build out some of the tech features you’ve been requesting. You asked and we delivered! 


Where can I find and access these new features? 


Why thank you for asking! Below are all the new features with details for incorporating into your book club routine: 


  • Social sharing: Are you curious what your other book club members are reading? Do you want to share your list of favorite books with others? You can now share this and more by going to your profile settings. There you will see a toggle that asks if you’d like to share your profile with your book club. If you want to make your personal reading lists and recommendations available to the rest of your club members, you simply need to select yes next to the book club name. In order to view other member’s profiles you can head to your club page, select the members tab and if their profile is open you can simply click on their photo or avatar. 


  • Time zones: We have book clubs meeting on our platform across the world and now (thankfully) no more mental math is required when scheduling a meeting with folks in different time zones. You can add the time zone to your meeting and you can set a default time zone on your profile via profile settings. 


  • Calendar integration: Now when you create a meeting a smart calendar invitation will immediately follow. When we said Bookclubz keeps book club on the calendar, for good - well, we meant it! 


  • Message board improvements: You can now include links and photos in your messages and replies. You can also reply to replies and use the message board for live chat meetings, thanks to our speedier refresh system.  

We hope these new features will make a positive impact on your book club and Bookclubz experience. We look forward to more suggestions as we continue to provide the best community management platform for book clubs across the world.


Coming next: Improvements to our polling system AND the ability to add film, articles, and other materials to your "book club" meetings!


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Susan Sovis

Oct 18, 2020 - 1 year

Looking forward to using this for my book club of 20 years! 1. Is there a way to sort books by year read? 2. I can't see to figure out how to correct past meetings because not all show up & the ones that do some are from 2001