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New Bookclubz Features: Messaging Improvements, Search for Books, and Share Your Pronouns

Jun 11, 2021



Erica Eliot

New! Improved Messaging



We’ve made messaging your book club so much more fun! Now in Messages, you can share images, gifs, and emojis in messages and replies.

You can also react to messages and replies with a thumbs up, a heart, and more! Click the “thumbs up” icon beneath the message to select a reaction, and click on your reaction to “undo.” Hover over the reaction icons to see how other club members reacted!




New! Search for Books



We’ve added a new search feature that makes it simple to search for books on the site without needing to add them to one of your Profile or Club shelves. Head to the Top Books page to search for books by title and author.





New! Share your Pronouns



Inclusivity is an integral part of creating a welcoming book club experience for all of your members, and using someone’s correct pronouns is a significant way to affirm their identity — and a crucial step in being an ally. We’re excited to share that Bookclubz now offers the option to select and display your pronouns on your profile.


After you’ve logged in to the website, navigate to your profile and select “Edit Profile” from the left navigation. Under your name, you’ll see the option to select your pronouns from a dropdown list. We’ve included common pronouns for you to select from, including she/her, he/him, and they/them. If you use another nonbinary pronoun, select “Other” from the dropdown menu for the option to input your own.


Your pronouns will display next to your name in your profile and in Messages. 


For more on pronouns, we recommend the following resources: and the Trans* Ally Workbook by Davey Shlasko.


Have an idea for a feature that you’d love to see on Bookclubz? Send us a message and let us know!


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Jun 25, 2021 - 5 months

Awesome new things! I look forward to sharing this with my club.