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New Bookclubz Features: Import Book Lists, Messaging Updates, and Join a Book Club Profiles

Mar 29, 2021


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At Bookclubz, we’re always searching for ways to bring our communities of readers together — and continually improving our product to make it happen! Check out the latest website updates we’ve introduced this month that will help you keep track of your reading lists and keep your book club organized.


New! Import book lists to your profile.


Bookclubz has made it even easier to keep track of those reading lists! Now you can easily upload books you’ve read, books you want to read, and books you’re currently reading to your profile by using the new Import Books feature to upload books from any reading list to your profile — just make sure you’re uploading a .csv file.



If you’ve been keeping track of all of your books in an Excel sheet or a service like goodreads, start by exporting the file as a .csv file, then login to your Bookclubz account. In the left navigation of your profile, you’ll see “Import Books.

On this page, click the dotted square to search for a file on your computer, or drag the proper file into your browser, then click “Import.” If your upload is successful, you’ll see this message: “Your file has been uploaded for processing. Please allow 24-48 hours for all books to be uploaded.” Once the file has been processed, the books from the CSV will appear on your shelves! Say hello to keeping track of all the books you’re reading (and want to read) in one place.


New! Messaging features for clubs: Pin and Flag messages

Using the Bookclubz Messages feature to communicate with your club just got easier. We’ve added two new product updates to the site: one that allows club admins to “pin” a message thread at the top of the screen, and another one that allows any user to flag a message that may be inappropriate.


If you’re a club admin, you can now “Pin” the most important message thread to the top of your club’s Messages page. This can be helpful if you’re having an ongoing conversation about a book via messages, discussing an important topic, or if your club is open to all and messages serves as a way for new members to introduce themselves. To pin a message, simply select the icon that looks like a pushpin from the top right of the message thread you want to pin. 

You’ll be prompted with the following screen.


Select yes, and this thread will now be shown at the top of your club’s Messages page, regardless of the date.


To flag a message that you deem inappropriate, simply select the flag icon in the upper right corner.

You’ll be prompted with a message that says “Are you sure you want to flag this message as inappropriate?”

If you select Yes, the message will be hidden from view for your club while our team reviews it. If it appears that the message was flagged in error, we’ll release the flag, and the message will again appear to your club. If the flag was warranted, we’ll keep the hold on the message and your club won’t see it. Anyone in your club can flag a message, and you’ll always receive a prompt before the flag is placed. 



New! Join a Book Club Profile Pages

Join a Book Club connects readers from around the world who share common interests or want to connect with others through books. Now, it’s easier to learn more about what these clubs are like with club profile pages. Learn more about each club, check out their past reads, and join. Simply click on the their club card from the Join a Book Club page to see more.


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We are always eager for feedback on how we can make the Bookclubz site and app even better! If there’s a feature you think is missing, or something that would help your club, reach out to us anytime