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New Bookclubz Features: A Fresh Look, Profile Updates, and New Admin

Jul 09, 2021



Erica Eliot

New! A Fresh Look

You might have noticed something new! We’ve started to roll out the Bookclubz brand refresh on some areas of the site — featuring new colors, imagery, and a clean, easy and inviting digital experience.  But don't worry! We are still the same book club people, serving your book club needs! We hope the continued improvements to the site make it even easier for your book club to focus on reading and being together.

New! Profile Image Updates

It’s now much easier to update your profile photo with new resize and adjust options. Upload a new image for your avatar to appear when you interact in Bookclubz with your club(s) by selecting the camera icon beneath the avatar in your user profile, then resize and adjust it to fit the display. Hit “SAVE” when ready, and you’re all set.

New! Book View Updates for Clubs

Club members can now view both the club’s rating, and the average global Bookclubz rating for books in their “Books We’ve Read” list. Check it out to see how your club ratings compare to other readers!

Admins now have more control over books in their club’s “Currently Reading” list. If you’re a club admin, you can manually add or remove titles by navigating to “Currently Reading” in your club profile, and then selecting “Add a Book” from the upper right, or the small trash icon next to the title. (If you choose to delete a book from this reading list, you’ll be asked to confirm before it’s removed). This allows your club to add multiple books to your “Currently Reading” page even if you don’t have an upcoming meeting scheduled!


We are always eager for feedback on how we can make the Bookclubz site and app even better! If there’s a feature you think is missing, or something that would help your club, reach out to us anytime!


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