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Mar 25, 2021



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Sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes heart-breaking, Queenie speaks to the simultaneous joy and pain of being a Black woman today. 


After a messy break-up with her white boyfriend, Queenie Jenkins is looking for comfort in all the wrong places. From random hook-ups who fetishize her Blackness, to white liberal coworkers who never approve her article pitches, it feels like the world is shutting Queenie out. Author Candice Carty-Williams tackles the Black Lives Matter movement, body positivity, and mental health all through Queenie’s unique perspective.


As Queenie confronts her childhood trauma, she starts therapy for the first time in her life. Like so many who are first in their family to go to therapy, her Grandmother doesn't understand why she needs to talk about her problems. But Queenie is determined to change how she's feeling (even though she takes a sometimes wandering path).


This book is for anyone who wants a friend to heal alongside with---a friend in the form of a smart, messy, complicated woman named Queenie.


What book clubs are saying about Queenie


“They say Queenie is Black Bridget Jones meets Americanah. But she stands in her own right—nothing can and will compare.” –Black Girls Book Club

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