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Get to Know Our Clubs: Worded Worlds Book Club

Apr 26, 2021



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Olivia Markowski

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In this series we will hear directly from some very inspiring clubs using Bookclubz in order to get to know their stories and learn how they are using our platform to build uplifting and meaningful communities! 


We caught up with Shwetha, the creator of Worded Worlds, to learn more. Get to know the Worded Worlds book club, and how they reignited their love for reading across the globe, and how reading allows them to drift away to a different world all together!




How did your book club start?


I [Shwetha] started our book club, Worded Worlds, in January 2020 to rekindle my reading habit that was lost in the sands of time and life. It was a very amorphous idea that I floated to my sister and a few of my best friends from college. Next thing you know, we were in a Whatsapp group discussing how to pick books every month and stay motivated to develop this newfound love, all while living in different time zones across the world. Once the pandemic hit, the book club would become the lifeline for all of us. In January 2021, we decided to move our book club to Bookclubz platform to make it more efficient and streamlined. So far, we are loving it here!


How has your relationship to reading changed since you started/joined a book club?

Rakshaa: Joining Worded Worlds book club has encouraged me to read many different kinds of books that I may have not have picked if not for this book club. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a great stress buster. It has definitely rekindled my joy for reading!

Dharini: I used to be a voracious reader during my teens. With the rigors of grad school and corporate life consuming most of my time, my reading habit took a big hit. Joining Worded Worlds book club has re-ignited that lost habit and passion over the past year. Not only has my appreciation for different genres of books increased, it has also helped me connect with budding readers from different parts of the world. Witnessing our club grow has been an absolute joy!

Vandana: Since joining Worded Worlds book club, I have been inspired to read books at a much faster pace than before. I loved getting to know some interesting reads from fellow bookworms! I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing varied perspectives and interpretations of other readers. We have a cool group that discusses trending topics as well. Worded Worlds was a life saver especially during the pandemic when all of us were stuck at home!  


Amrita: I used to start reading but abandon books mid-way but, after joining Worded Wolds book club, I have more incentive to finish it so that I can join in on the discussions. It has also made me explore new genres and books. 

Rukmani: Joining a book club has given me the joy of reading again. I feel like a little girl huddled up in my balcony lost in the world of the magical and mystical everytime I read. Worded Worlds exposes me to a lot of authors I've never heard of, and our discussions about the books broadens my perspectives and makes me realize we all read books from different starting points and derive different benefits from it. It's beautiful!

How do you select what book your club is reading?


We choose one title/month via polling based on club member's recommendations for the book club (any genre). Each member adds their recommendation to the list “Books we want to read'' in the Bookclubz app in the beginning of the month and we vote to choose from the populated books using the “Polling” feature in the app shortly after. These two features have made it super easy for our club to choose our monthly picks!


How do you discuss your book club picks?


We discuss our monthly picks using the “Messages'' functionality built into Bookclubz platform. Each book has its own dedicated message thread that contains discussion questions and general comments that the club members can contribute towards. This organization makes it easier for the members to search or answer questions weeks or months after the book has been discussed in the club (hello life!). We have biweekly meetings to help members set aside time in the weekend to discuss the current reads during busy weeks or they can contribute at their own pace anytime in the month. This approach helps readers develop a reading habit in an organic way and enables them to form a cohesive relationship of consistency to their reading goals


What was the most memorable book your club has read?


Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens was one of the most memorable books read in our club. This one was a page turner! Such a gripping plot and especially loved the way the story unraveled itself in the end. It leaves you thinking and contemplating the harsh yet inevitable realities of life! We inhaled this book in a week. 


Can I join the party?


Yes, more the merrier! Worded Worlds is open to the public and searchable under “Online Communities'' on the Bookclubz website (find us here). We extend the joy-raft to you in case you need to drift away with your book or want to find your way to the Readers Island (yes, imagine our own little paradise!). Join us and tag your reads with #readtheworlds


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