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Get to Know Our Clubs: The Campbell Sisters Book Club

Mar 17, 2021



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Olivia Markowski

In this series we will hear directly from some very inspiring clubs using Bookclubz in order to get to know their stories and learn how they are using our platform to build uplifting and meaningful communities! 


Get to know the Campbell sisters and how their book club has offered them a way to use their love of reading to foster a stronger sisterhood! 




 How did your book club start? 


Geneva was looking for a better way to connect with her sisters, Kalya and Candace so she suggested that they begin reading. Kalya wanted to turn their love of reading into something more formal and a way to keep us accountable so she did some research and created The Campbell Girls Bookclub.


How do you select what book your club is reading?


We all help to pick the books, we keep a running tally of books that we’re interested in, ranging from cultural to societal to influences. We then suggest one that we think we all would enjoy. If we have two or more suggestions, we use the Bookclubz app to create a poll and vote. 


What was the first book your club read? Who selected it, and what was the response like? 


The Silent Patient was our first read. Kalya suggested the book because she had heard great reviews about it. All three sisters enjoyed the book and appreciated how the author used different types of communication to progress the story.


What's one question you ask to start the discussion for each book your club reads?


There isn’t one question that we use to start our discussion. Instead we use the guides provided through the Bookclubz app to further our understanding of the work.  


How has reading together affected your relationship as siblings — Has it brought you together in a new way, provided opportunities for conversations you may not have had, etc.?


Creating the book club has most certainly brought us closer, we all share a love of reading and this allows our sisterhood to grow deeper over content that we have read individually. We’re looking forward to the days that we can openly meet at a coffee shop and discuss our readings.



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Jasmine Strain

Mar 31, 2021 - 1 month

Love this! Such an awesome idea 💗