Get to Know Our Clubs: Profound Experience of Poetry

Get to know the Profound Experience of Poetry Book Club, and how they hold each other accountable for their reading goals and expand their reading experiences together.

Apr 12, 2021


How to: Reading Poetry with your Book Club

If your club isn’t dedicated to reading poetry or hasn’t read poetry together before, here are three easy ways to dip your toes into poetry from prose!

Apr 05, 2021


The Stars are Aligned: Book Recommendations based on your Zodiac Sign!

In this blog post we will be revealing the perfect book for you based on your astrological signs! Whether you are a frequent book clubber, or just getting started, this guide will offer some great reads based on your zodiac!

Apr 02, 2021


Get to Know Our Clubs: The Campbell Sisters Book Club

Get to know the Campbell sisters and how their book club has offered them a way to use their love of reading to foster a stronger sisterhood!

Mar 17, 2021


Get To Know Our Clubs: Tequila Mockingbird Book Club

Get to know The Symphony Book Club, and how they have come together as one group of friends and confidants who support, share, and challenge each other on everything from literature to love & loss to life in general over the past two years!

Mar 10, 2021


Get to Know Our Clubs: Books & Bevvies

Get to know the Books & Bevvies book club, and how they used their book club as a way to revive their minds and souls during a global pandemic. (And experimented with some bevvies too!)

Feb 26, 2021


Author Interview: Louis Chude-Sokei

Louis Chude-Sokei shares insight on his latest memoir, Floating in a Most Peculiar Way, in this Q&A.

Feb 23, 2021


How to Diversify Your Bookshelf: Part Five

In this part of our “How to Book Club Series,” we will uncover how to be culturally responsive through your literary selection.

Feb 16, 2021


How to get Back into the Reading Routine: Part Four

Don’t let reading fall to the end of the list! Stay tuned find out how outline some quick and easy ways to hold yourself accountable to your reading goals (and enjoy it too)!

Feb 05, 2021

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